Family collects plastic bottles to earn a living

Assam: Family In Pathsala Collects Plastic Bottles To Earn A Living

December 21, 2021

A family of Pathsala has a struggle of its own. The only earning member of the family collects plastic bottles or damping items with her daughter every night in Pathsala town of Bajali district.

Manju Begum, a resident of Pathsala in Assam's Bajali district, comes out every night at around 10 pm with her 6-year-old daughter to collect plastic bottles from the roadside and sell them the next morning. She earns Rs 100 per day by selling these bottles, with which she provides some support to her family.

Begum lost her husband three years ago, and since then, she has been earning a living by washing dishes in a tea shop in the morning and collecting plastic bottles at night. Due to the financial crises, she can't send her child to school.

"I am proud of what I do. No government or non-government organisation cares to clean plastic waste from the road. I collect bottles from the roadside in Pathsala town and do my bit to keep the town clean," she said while speaking to this correspondent.

"The government should provide help to this woman and her child. The government should think of her proper rehabilitation," a local said.

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