Web poster of Bhoi
Web poster of Bhoi

Bhoi: An Assamese Web Series Not To Miss

June 18, 2020

The third and the final episode of Bhoi, an Assamese series, was released on YouTube earlier this week putting an end to my ever-increasing curiosity.

I came across the web-series by chance and after watching the first two episodes, I became a fan of it.

Shot completely during this COVID-19 pandemic, following the protocols, Bhoi tells the story of Arnab and a constant fear that he is in.

Arnab is a student who lives in a hostel in Guwahati.

Arnab sees things and hears voices and experiences and witnesses stuffs that no other boarders of the hostel see or experience.

He constantly hears a female voice who keeps calling out his name...slowly as if she is whispering next to his ears.

So much so that once he was about to fall from the terrace, however, a timely call saves his life.

This horror tale, however, comes with an unexpected twist and this makes Bhoi even more likeable.

I was particularly impressed by the VFX of the series.

At no point did I feel as if I was watching an Assamese web series, made by a bunch of youngsters from Assam.

The editing, the camera work, and the performances by the actors are also praiseworthy.

The only thing that I was disappointed with was the length of the series.

The makers could have easily made it a little longer and the horror element could have been infused a little more.

But even after with such a short length of the series, the message of this horror series is very well essayed.

At a time when the various OTT platforms are flooded with crime thrillers, Bhoi comes as a breath of fresh air.

The series makes one thing clear that there is no dearth of talent in Assam.

I am sure we will get to see several more Assamese web series in the future.

Bhoi has opened the flood-gates and different filmmakers should now cash on and come-up with interesting web-series for the Assamese audience.

Even the makers of Bhoi can think of a second season with more horror and twists.

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