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Bawaal Review: Movie Lacks Sensitivity And Focus, Leaves Viewers Disappointed

July 21, 2023

In Nitesh Tiwari's Bawaal, we are introduced to Ajay (Varun Dhawan), a self-absorbed and boastful individual from Lucknow.

He meticulously maintains an image of a suave and sophisticated man about town, though his actual knowledge and job as a history teacher are lacking.

Ajay's life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Nisha (Janhvi Kapoor), a sensible and charming woman, who becomes a catalyst for change.

Before reaching the foreseeable conclusion, Ajay and Nisha embark on a journey to several European cities that were deeply affected by World War 2 - Paris, Amsterdam, Normandy, Berlin, and finally, Auschwitz.

Ajay plans to use this experience to create reels for his upcoming history class, hoping his students will be impressed.

However, this approach seems a bit misguided, as proper textbooks would likely do the job more effectively.

Additionally, a comic relief element involving Gujarati travelers and their peculiar habits falls flat and loses its impact.

Several aspects of the film raise concern, particularly Ajay's alarming reaction to Nisha's epilepsy, a condition she lives with.

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For a film released in 2023, the portrayal of his visible disgust is shocking and insensitive.

Epilepsy is a common condition that many people manage successfully, yet Ajay's revulsion towards it persists throughout the movie, causing discomfort.

Eventually, he learns a lesson and undergoes a change of heart, but the damage caused by his initial attitude remains perplexing and leaves a bitter taste.

In summary, Bawaal attempts to explore the transformation of an uncouth braggart through the influence of a good woman, but struggles to develop a coherent and sensitive narrative.

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The film's potential to be unique and impactful gets lost amidst faltering plot choices and insensitive depictions, leaving the audience with mixed feelings about its message and portrayal.

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