new catfish species in Arunachal pradesh named after a forest official
Courtesy: MyGov Arunachal Pradesh

Catfish Species Discovered In Arunachal Named After Forest Officer

August 24, 2021

A new catfish species discovered in Arunachal Pradesh has been named after forest officer S Rupir Boli for his help in collecting the specimens during the first survey by researchers.

This was confirmed in a tweet by the MyGov Arunachal Pradesh Twitter handle on August 23, 2021.

"A new sisorid catfish identified as Glyptothorax rupiri, has been named after S. Rupir Boli, a range forest officer of Mouling National Park in Arunachal Pradesh, for his help in collecting the specimens during the first survey by researchers," the tweet said.


It may be mentioned here that the Mouling National Park is spread primarily over the Upper Siang district and parts of the West Siang and East Siang district.

This is the second national park of Arunachal Pradesh after Namdapha was declared as a national park in 1972.

Researchers have informed that this catfish species was collected from the river Siang by Laishram Kosygin, Pratima Singh and Shibananda Rathi.

They further said that the newly discovered catfish species differs from its congeners in the Indian subcontinent by a combination of characters such as the presence of plicae on the ventral surface of the pectoral spine and first pelvic-fin ray and a posteriorly serrated dorsal-fin spine.

"The body with two longitudinal pale-cream stripes, densely tuberculated skin and the presence of numerous tubercles on the dorsal surface of pectoral and pelvic-fin rays also differentiate it from other related species," the researchers wrote in Zootaxa:

It was further informed by the researchers that this catfish species is presently seen only at the Jambung stream, a tributary of river Siang near Hawa Camp in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Siang district.

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