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Creature found in Arunachal Pradesh as claimed in a Twitter video

Rare Creature Found In Arunachal Pradesh, Claims Video

A video of frog-like creatures swimming in a river in Arunachal Pradesh has gone viral on Twitter with users curiously asking as to what is it actually?

Posted on July 17 by one user named Manpak Konyak, the 13-second video shows a number of "rare" species of creatures swimming in Sibo Korong River in Pasighat

"Unique species found in Sibo Korong River, Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh," she captioned the video.


Noted actor Adil Hussain also tweeted the video on July 20, seeking to know about the possible identity of the species.

"Never Seen this species before. Found in Arunachal Pradesh, India," Hussein tweeted.


One user named who goes by the Twitter name @AudiRetweet, replying to Hussain's tweet said, "This is “colugo”. Mostly found in Philippine Islands. News about Arunachal is a fake one."


Check for yourself and tell us if you know what it is!

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