Change Your YouTube Channel's Name With Ease

April 24, 2021

YouTube, the world's most popular video streaming platform, has come up with changes that would make it easier for users to change their channel’s name without making any alterations to the associated Google account.

The new rules are sure to help the YouTube users as the old method of changing a channel's name was long-winded and to required one to alter the name and profile image of the associated Google account.

However, this method not only changed one's YouTube profile, but it also actively altered one's Gmail identity.

"Users can also swap out their profile picture too, which will mean that you can update channel branding with ease from now on," reported .

If someone has a verified YouTube channel, then any changes one makes to their name will result in the removal of their verification.

One will then need to reapply to get the checkmark badge back on their channel, the report said.

Considering just how standalone YouTube feels to the “traditional” Google platforms such as Search, Gmail, Docs, and more, this is a great move to streamline channel changes and alterations.

To change your channel name on mobile, you can tap Your channel > Edit name > Save. Changing the profile icon is the same. Tap Your channel > Profile icon.

From the desktop you can change your YouTube channel name within the Creator Studio > Customization > Basic Info. From here you can make all adjustments required.

The option is now live on both mobile and desktop.

Only time will tell as to how these changes are going to help the YouTube users across the globe.

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