Child-related crimes in Assam are on the rise
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Child-Related Crimes Require In-depth Study

July 29, 2019

Child-related crimes in Assam are increasing at an alarming rate, informed state Social Welfare Minister Pramila Rani Brahma while replying to a question raised by Congress MLA Roselina Tirkey on the second day of the ongoing monsoon session of the Assam Assembly on Friday (July 26, 2019).

"A total of 1573 cases of child-related crimes were reported in Assam in one year period from 2018-19, which was an increase of 466 cases. In 2017-18, the number of child-related cases in Assam stood at 1071," the minister further said.

"Juvenile crimes in the state also saw an increase in the last three years," Brahma said informing that children were allegedly involved in 963 theft cases, 273 murders, 583 kidnapping and 603 rape cases.

"Moreover, they were also involved in 476 beating and 708 ditching cases," she added.

Making a shocking revelation, Brahma informed that under The Arms Act, 1959, total numbers of cases involving children stood at 109.

"Apart from it, under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 28 cases were registered in which children were involved in a direct or indirect manner," Brahma said.

"The increase in the child-related crimes and juvenile crimes in the state is a serious matter that needs to be addressed quickly and a lasting solution to it needs to be found out soon," feels child activist Indrajit Bora.

Speaking to The Story Mug, he further says that there are several factors which need to be addressed for understanding the increase in child-related and juvenile crimes in the state.

"A detailed analysis of the social, economic pattern and the education pattern of the children involved in or with the crimes will throw a deep insight into the issue," Bora adds.

Bora feels that a child’s family and his upbringing have a deep impact in his evolution and hence he says "it is important to make a detailed analysis of the child’s family background".

"The report that the Pramila Rani Brahma presented in the House actually indicates to several other issues that we need to focus upon. What I strongly feel is that merely addressing the children to mitigate child issues is not enough. We need to target their parents and families," Bora further adds.

"Preparing dossiers year after year and presenting it on the floor of the House is important but more important than that is to address the issues highlighted in the dossiers in a proper way," Bora concludes.

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