Diabetes fatigue
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Diabetes Fatigue: Simple Ways To Overcome It

July 22, 2020

For many of us, exercise is never a way of life, until we are diagnosed with some lifestyle diseases- most commonly Type-2 Diabetes and Hypertension.

Once we are diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes, most of us make sure that we make exercise and fitness a part of our life.

Exercise plays an important role in managing every symptom of Type-2 diabetes and hypertension.

Apart from other health conditions, diabetes also comes with the most irritating, but extremely serious condition of diabetes fatigue.

Diabetes fatigue is a common effect of Type-2 diabetes that can make it challenging to stick with a consistent workout programme.

So what is this fatigue all about?

Diabetes fatigue is a health condition of people with Type-2 diabetes in which the individual keeps feeling tired all the time.

One just manages to get “through the day” somehow and the solution to overcome this is not about getting more sleep!

Several studies have shown that people with Type-2 diabetes experience extreme tiredness and fatigue which disrupts their life and makes it difficult to function.

Since the impact has been extremely significant, hence experts now refer to this as “diabetes fatigue”.

Even though excessive feelings of tiredness or fatigue are commonly associated with diabetes, however, the causes may be multi-factorial.

According to a feature published in healthline.com, the most common cause of this fatigue is the rise in blood glucose levels, making one feel sluggish and lethargic.

Experts further say that people may experience fatigue as the result of some diabetes-related complications like kidney disease, or as a side-effect of some medications.

When there is a problem we must also have a way or ways to deal with it and fatigue related to diabetes also needs attention.

Regular exercise is key in managing and preventing several health-related conditions including Type-2 diabetes.

Doctors across the world strongly recommend that every person with diabetes must indulge in physical activity to manage glycemic control and overall health.

People living with diabetes should indulge in light exercises like brisk walking every 30 minutes, experts say.

To exercise while experiencing diabetes fatigue, however, is easier said than done!

Doctors and experts across the world further recommend that before one starts on with an exercise, he/she should do some stretching exercise to ease out the muscle.


Sticking to a plan is difficult, hence, one should approach setting small goals of 2-3 days and then gradually go on increasing it.

Doctors, however, recommend that before starting any exercise regime one should consult one’s physician and only then should he/she should start exercising.

Overcoming this fatigue is not impossible, even though it may sound difficult initially.

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