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Food Habits And Health Crises Among The Youth

July 12, 2023

The most crucial requirements for human survival are food, water, clothing, and shelter. Among these, food acts as the life-sustaining fuel. However, imagine a scenario where food transforms into the source of unbearable agony, the catalyst for our declining health, and the ultimate reason for our death?

Where is the current generation going wrong with their diet? In every country, the government has tried to provide these basic needs to its entire population by launching various schemes.

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Even in India, the government has been launching various schemes to achieve food security for the entire population. The government also tries to provide nutritious food to the populace so that can live healthy.

Our health is dependent on our food habits. Bad food habits can lead to various diseases, which can have an impact on our lives and productivity.

Several studies have shown that nowadays, the food preferences among the youth are fast or quick food, junk food, and highly processed food, which deteriorates their health.

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There may be multiple reasons behind it, such as a tight schedule, back-to-back classes, short duration of breaks, colleges or offices that don’t provide canteen facilities, pricey food, etc. Especially globalisation and urbanisation contributed to the surge of this fast food trend.

Many international and national food brand outlets are now available in our cities and localities. Those food brands promote themselves as the epitome of high standards, and they attract the youth to be their customers. They showcase their dishes to easily appeal to the youth in their outlets.

Moreover, the roadside vendors play an important role in providing fast food. The food items in these shops are replicas of the famous food hubs but are pocket-friendly and affordable for the people. So most people go to the roadside stalls to fulfil their desires.

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The fast food trend and skipping meals have become our daily lifestyles because today’s current generation wants to taste better than nutrition. But we need to break the trend and create awareness about the bad impacts of unhealthy food cravings and the importance of nutritious food.

If we fail to limit ourselves, sooner or later we will have to face the consequences. Despite knowing so much about healthy eating, the current generation follows extremely unhealthy diets.

Junk foods, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and healthy saturated fats, cannot fulfil the body's demands. They totally lack the nutrition, iron, etc. that is required. They will lower the body's immune system, followed by various health disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, early diabetes, acidity, and sometimes cancer.

Therefore, eating healthy is a way to remain fit and lead a long life. Also, water intake is very essential for a healthy body.

So it is high time that today’s generation realises the need for a healthy lifestyle for a better life.

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