Stray dogs
Shailaja feeding stray dogs. Courtesy: Twitter/ANI

Hyderabad Woman Volunteers To Help Stray Dogs: Read More Here

Her journey began in 2018 after her family adopted a stray puppy and the bond since then has only grown in stature

November 20, 2020

Moved by the pitiful condition of stray dogs and other animals, Shailaja - an IT professional from Hyderabad-decided to volunteer and help these voiceless creatures.

The young IT professional spends her free time volunteering for animal rescue and sterilization.

Her journey began in 2018 after her family adopted a stray puppy and the bond since then has only grown in stature.

She now spends her savings on medical expenses and food for the stray animals- especially stray dogs.

"Initially I was scared of dogs but after I adopted a stray dog, I developed a close and special bond with them," reported quoting Shailaja from an interview she gave to news agency ANI.

She further said that after the dog was brought home, she gradually started to develop a special bond with the strays- especially dogs.

"I slowly started to have compassion for the stray dogs living in my locality and started to feed them daily," she further said in the interview.

She informed that she used to feed over 50 stray dogs and took care of their medical expenses whenever it was required.

"Lacking the knowledge about animal welfare in the initial stages, I just used to feed them and get them vaccinated," Shailaja further said.

"I then started to protect the newborn puppies and tried to take home all of them but it was difficult," she added.

She further informed that so far she has spent a lot of her savings on their well being, however, she doesn't rue over it.

She also urges other people to adopt stray dogs.

It may be mentioned here that she also quit her job in hotel management to save the life of a dog who was in a very severe health condition.

"For nearly nine months, I took proper care of a dog that needed medical attention and once her health was restored, she was immediately sterilized and adopted," Shailaja further said in the interview.

The journey has not always been pleasant, however, as her work often lands her in difficult situations.

Despite this, she continues to do her best and provide all that she can for the helpless creatures who depend on her.

She aims to take this initiative of hers ahead and build a foster house for these stray animals in the future.

"People should come forward and start understanding these animals are living creatures too and feel emotions just like us," she said.

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