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LGBIA Unveils Enhanced Facilities, Elevating Passenger And Airline Experience

July 8, 2023

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (LGBIA) has recently announced the successful completion of a series of modifications to elevate the overall experience for passengers and airlines.

These enhancements solidify the airport's commitment to excellence, establishing it as a leading aviation hub in Northeast India.

A major focus of the improvements was the Baggage Handling System (BHS). Installing conveyor belts and creating wall cutouts have been pivotal in facilitating smooth connectivity to check-in counters.

Additionally, new check-in counters have been introduced to streamline operations and enhance customer service. These updated counters have been thoughtfully designed to provide passengers with a pleasant check-in experience.

Significant civil work has also been undertaken in the Baggage Makeup Area (BMA) and Baggage Breakup Area (BBA). This includes comprehensive floor maintenance and the construction of new sheds.

These upgrades have greatly improved baggage handling efficiency, ensuring a seamless transfer of luggage and timely delivery to passengers.

Another noteworthy aspect of the renovations at LGBIA is the extensive revamping of the washrooms in the Baggage Makeup Area (BMA) and Security Hold Area (SHA).

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Passengers can now enjoy peace of mind with enhanced sanitary hygiene measures, improved protocols, and increased accessibility.

These updated facilities demonstrate LGBIA's unwavering commitment to providing a top-notch travel experience.

LGBIA continues to foster seamless collaboration with its airline partners as it remains dedicated to delivering exceptional services and ensuring passenger satisfaction.

With these recent modifications, the airport is well-positioned to cater to the growing needs of travellers in Northeast India and beyond.

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