LiFi-based internet connectivity launched in Gujarat
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LiFi-Based Internet Connectivity Launched In Gujarat

Akrund and Navanagar villages in Gujarat have become the first 'smart villages' of the country in the true sense

February 19, 2021

Akrund and Navanagar villages in Gujarat have become the first villages in the country to get connected with LiFi-based internet connectivity, thus becoming the 'smart villages' in the true sense.

The connectivity has been provided by Ahmedabad-based Nav Wireless Technologies Private Limited.

With this setup, schools, hospitals, post offices, and other government offices in the two villages will get faster and safer internet services.

It may be mentioned here that Nav Wireless Technology is the only registered company in the LiFi sector in Asia.

LiFi means transmitting data with a light beam spectrum through open space in outdoor and indoor environments.

The system provides ultra-fast data connections, and are especially useful in urban areas where radio spectra are congested.

It is also useful in the rural areas where Fibre Optic Cables or network are not readily available or reachable.

"We are proud to bring this technology revolution in our home state Gujarat," reported quoting Hardik Soni, co-founder of Nav Technologies.

"Nav Wireless has extended Gujarat Fibre Grid Network Ltd (GFGNL) fibre internet connectivity from Akrund gram panchayat building to Navanagar village primary school, which is at the distance of 1.5 km, with LiFi wireless optical communication," Soni added.

The villagers expressed their happiness and said this technology will help them in improving their education as well as business.

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