Kidney Transplant IN Guwahati
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Northeast's First Successful Cadaveric Kidney Transplant Carried Out At GMCH

June 22, 2024

Doctors at the Gauhati Medical College & Hospital in Assam carried out Northeast India's first-ever successful cadaveric kidney transplant on June 8, 2024, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma claimed on June 22, 2024.

Addressing the media first time after taking charge of the health department after the recent cabinet reshuffle in the state, Chief Minister Sarma claimed that two kidneys from a brain-dead accident victim were transplanted to two persons at GMCH, with both the receivers making good recovery.

"Kidney transplants have been taking place at the GMCH for the last six years. But it was for the first time that a kidney transplant was successfully carried out from a brain-dead donor, with permission from the family," Chief Minister Sarma said.

Adding further the chief minister said that such a procedure was attempted at the GMCH previously as well, but without success.

"The successful procedure at GMCH was the first such cadaveric kidney transplant in the entire northeast," Chief Minister Sarma claimed.

It may be mentioned here that a cadaveric transplant involves the removal of organs from a brain-dead donor with functional circulation, or from patients with sudden cardiac death.

Chief Minister Sarma further informed that the kidneys were retrieved from a Guwahati resident- Parag Gogoi- who was an accident victim and admitted to the GMCH.

"The kidneys were retrieved from Gogoi's body with the consent of his family. One kidney was transplanted to 38-year-old Amar Basfor of Guwahati, and one was transplanted to 21-year-old Pallab Jyoti Das of Nagaon. We are extremely grateful to Gogoi's family for showing such big-heartedness. Their act has ensured a healthy life for two persons," the chief minister added.

Stressing the need to encourage families to donate organs, chief minister Sarma said that one must recognise publicly whenever a family comes forward.

This will create awareness on organ donation and encourage more people to come forward," he said.

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