Flood in Assam
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Reach Out To The Flood-Hit People Of Assam

July 24, 2020

New Delhi-based NGO Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) said it is reaching out with safe drinking water, dry ration and hygiene kit to 1 lakh flood-hit people in Assam.

In India, over 5.5 million people have been affected due to floods this year and Assam has experienced the worst flooding over the last ten years.

Over 3.6 million people have been affected in the flood in Assam so far, government data suggest.

"Apart from flood havoc, the people are also facing the additional threat due to COVID-19 pandemic," SEEDS added in a statement.

"COVID-19 requires extra healthcare services with proper hygiene safeguard measures and social distancing," the statement added.

"These are essential and at relief camps, they become even more essential if one has to safeguard oneself from COVID-19 onslaught," it further said.

To support flood-hit people in Assam, SEEDS is promptly reaching out to 1,00,000 affected people with their immediate needs in Lakhimpur, Dhemaji, Barpeta and Morigaon districts.

The NGO is supplying safe drinking water, dry food, hygiene and family utility kit.

This also includes key items required for COVID safety, emerged as the most urgent need based on the information from SEEDS volunteers on the ground.

"The situation at the ground level is worse than ever. There are drinking water, food and hygiene issues," the statement further added.

SEEDS co-founder Manu Gupta said, "With millions of people displaced by the floods, it has become critical that relief reaches them at the earliest."

"Our team is working relentlessly to analyse and meet the immediate requirements of the affected people in an effective manner," Dr Gupta added.

"We are also taking all necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic," Dr Gupta further said.

Meanwhile, SEEDS urges everyone to extend their support to help families of Assam, build back better.

Ration Kit: Rs. 1,000 to support ration for one family consisting of wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, spices, salt, soybean, sugar, tea leaf and milk powder.

Safe Drinking Water Support: Rs. 3,500 to support a cluster of families by reviving their safe drinking water supply through disinfection and repair of local water sources like wells, tube-wells and handpumps.

Hygiene Kit: Rs. 1,500 to support one family with reusable masks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towel, sanitary pads, nail cutter, mosquito repellent, washing soap, bathing soap, washing powder, buckets, mug

Family Utility Kit: Rs. 4,000 to support one family with plates, glasses, bowls, Kadai, spoons, lighter; and bedding items like double-size floor mat, bedsheet, mosquito net and a solar lamp with a USB charger.

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