Spotted grasshopper
Spotted grasshopper. Courtesy: Northeast Now

Spotted Grasshopper Found In Manipur Village

July 25, 2020

Spotted grasshopper has been found on the hillsides of a remote village in Thoubal district of Manipur recently, informed a team of experts.

A team of experts from the Central Agricultural University or CAU in Imphal informed about the discovery of spotted grasshopper on July 21.

The grasshopper was identified after various samples of grasshoppers were collected from farmers of the village.

The CAU experts said that precautions need to be taken so that the grasshopper doesn't spread to other places.

As per local media report, the grasshopper was spotted by one Haobam Meghachandra- a resident of Yairipok Khoirom village of the district.

He noticed the spotted grasshopper when he visited hillside of Garok hill of the village.

Without much delay, Meghachandra uploaded a very brief video of the grasshopper on social media, drawing everyone's attention.

Before the species of the grasshopper was identified, a wave of fear ran among the villagers who feared that the insect might attack their crops.

Moreover, reports on locust attacks at various places in India have also triggered apprehensions among them.

The report of spotting the congregation of around 500 to I000 nymphal stage of grasshoppers was also acknowledged by the state agricultural department.

"The Thoubal District Agriculture Officer and his team visited the village on July 22," stated a press release.

"The team handed over the Bio-pesticide Beuveria bassiana as recommended by ICAR and Deputy Director (E), Centre Integrated Pest Management Centre, Imphal, to the villagers," it added.

Stating that the nymphal stage of grasshoppers was feeding on the leave of wild plants, it said this pest damaging cultivated crops is uncommon.

"The nature of the damage and their habitat from bushes and grasses to cultivated crops needs to be observed critically," the release added.

A scientist of ICAR Manipur centre opined that such grasshopper emerges where there are good rainfall and greenery.

"The insects are biological indicators of the health of the ecosystem," he said.

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