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Tripura CM Urges Investors To Explore State's Natural Resources

July 4, 2023

Emphasising the vast opportunities in Tripura, Chief Minister Manik Saha urged investors on July 3, 2023, to consider exploring the state's abundant natural resources.

During his address at the National Conference on Agri-Horticultural Crops held at Pragna Bhavan, Saha highlighted Tripura's potential in rubber-based industries, as the state annually produces 94,000 metric tonnes of natural rubber, second only to Kerala.

"Tripura has already commenced exporting rubber thread, which has a significant demand in Bangladesh. We are actively promoting rubber-based industries by collaborating with tire manufacturers," he stated.

Furthermore, Saha mentioned the potential for exporting furniture made of rubber, which proves to be economically viable.

He added that the state government had implemented various measures to ensure the production of quality rubber sheets.

Highlighting Tripura's extensive natural gas reserves, Saha urged businesses to consider investing in this sector.

The chief minister also mentioned that the state cultivates 21 different bamboo species.

"Bamboo tiles produced in Tripura were utilised in the construction of the new parliament building, as well as in Bihar Raj Bhavan, due to their durability and unique design," he explained.

Saha further expressed his anticipation for the Matiri Setu, stating that once operational, it would result in a manifold increase in trade and commerce.

"This development will undoubtedly transform the entire business landscape not only in Tripura but also in the entire Northeast region, as South East Asian countries become more accessible," he concluded.

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