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Tripura Fashion Week Aims To Encourage Indigenous Artisans

September 27, 2022

For encouraging the boutiques and indigenous artisans of the region, the Rignai Fashion Clan organised Tripura Fashion Week at Agartala Town hall recently.

Tripura handicrafts minister Rampal Jamatia inaugurated the fashion week in presence of state sports minister Susanta Chowdhury, TRTC chairperson Dipak Kumar and chairperson of Tripura Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd Balai Goswami.


Celebrity designer Yana Ngoba Chakpu presented the opening show of the fashion week.

The other designers who showcased their collections included Anindita Karmakar, Debarati Das, Snigdha Majumdar and Nivedita Chakraborty.

Tripura weavers who participated in the event were Biplob Das, Srinibash Debnath, Anima Debbarma and Chandra Mohan Sarkar.

The event gave a platform to the various boutiques and artisans of Tripura in front of everyone by highlighting their works and showcasing their creativity, which reflects the social, cultural and traditional aspects of Tripura.

“The event gave a grand platform to the indigenous designers of Tripura who will gain access to newer markets and networking opportunities through this platform,” said Tripura Fashion Week CEO Dr Rakhi Debbarma.

Tripura Fashion Week will boost the artisan movement, giving a platform to all the local designers and artisans by providing networking alliances with partners and markets locally and within the country as a whole.

"It is all about encouraging and bringing out the talented artisans and boutiques of Tripura to showcase their collections through fashion," she further said.

"We are glad that we got the opportunity to create something different and add something new to the fashion world," she added.

Selected designers and weavers from Tripura Fashion Week will also get a chance to participate in the 6th edition of North East India Fashion Week to be held in Guwahati.

“It was a very successful event. People have never seen such a show before. This kind of show happened for the first time in Tripura, it seems,” said Yana Ngoba.



Tripura Fashion Week

"Soon we will announce the date of the 6th edition of North East India Fashion Week. Selected designers and weavers who participated in Arunachal Fashion Week, Tripura Fashion Week and Nagaland Fashion Week will get the chance to showcase their collection during the North East India Fashion Week in Guwahati,” Yana adds.

Yana Ngoba showcased her collection ‘Colours of Northeast’ during the Tripura Fashion Week.

Tripura Fashion Week was involved in trying to bring out the unique skills, qualities, and various works initiated by women, especially.

The event is aimed at promoting women's empowerment in Tripura.

Besides fashion shows, the event witnessed cultural programmes like Hajagiri dance, Mamita dance, Classical and semi-classical dance, rhythmic yoga and pyramid yoga.

Different exhibitions of dress materials, handbags, ornaments and various handloom/handicraft products were also up for grabs during the event.

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