Himalayan Black Bear
The two rescued cubs. Courtesy: Northeast Now

Two Himalayan Black Bear Cubs Rescued In Arunachal Pradesh

September 13, 2020

Two Himalayan Black Bear cubs were rescued in Tirap district in Arunachal Pradesh recently from the dense forests of Dadam area of the district.

The cubs were rescued by one Tangriat Nokbi- a resident of Moktowa village. He later handed the cubs to Khonsa West legislator Chakat Aboh.

Aboh, later, handed over the rescued cubs to the Miao Zoo authorities for rehabilitation on Saturday.

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"The cubs are too young to be released in the jungle. The legislator nourished them and once they gained good health, she pursued the Khonsa Forest Division authorities to hand them over to the Miao Mini Zoo for their rehabilitation and safekeeping," an official release stated.

The Khonsa divisional forest officer arranged for the translocation of the two Himalayan Black Bear cubs.

Himalayan black bear (Ursus thibetanus laniger) is a subspecies of the Asian Black Bear.

The species is mostly found in the Himalayan region covering India, Bhutan, Nepal and China.

The Himalayan Black Bear is one of the most vulnerable species of bear found in the region.

The natural habitat of the Himalayan Black Bear has been grossly threatened, thanks to rampant human encroachment, forest fires etc.

There have also been reports of increasing human-bear conflicts in parts of Arunachal Pradesh, as on several occasions these bears venture out into the human habitats in search of food.

There have also been reports of people killing and feasting on bear cubs.

Even though the hunting of the bear has been forbidden since 1977, there is still a large problem with poaching.

The rescue of the two cubs and their subsequent rehabilitation is a welcome move and people and wildlife enthusiasts have expressed their happiness.

People have hailed Tangriat Nokbi for rescuing the bear cubs and then handing it over to Khonsa West legislator Chakat Aboh.

"This is a good example set by Nokbi," said a forest official.

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