AASU president Dipanka Nath
AASU president Dipanka Nath

AASU: CAA Will Persecute Assamese Linguistically

March 19, 2021

The BJP-led governments at the Centre and the state have been lying to the people of Assam regarding the sealing of the India-Bangladesh border in Assam, said AASU president Dipanka Nath.

"The Centre, as well the Assam government, time and again have claimed that the India-Bangladesh border has been completely sealed through smart fencing technique and they have also furnished various data regarding this," Nath  Nath said while addressing the media in Jorhat recently.

"However, this is a blatant lie as an around 4-kilometre area in the Karimganj sector is yet to be fenced," Nath added.

"An area of around 45 kilometres of the river border in Dhubri-Mancachar is completely open," the AASU president further said.

When asked about AASU's stand on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, Nath said, "AASU has opposed CAA in the past and we will continue to do so until and unless the anti-Assam Act is scrapped completely."

"Our stance against CAA remains the same- we will never accept CAA," he reiterated.

"We know what is BJP and AGP's stand regarding CAA. It is time that the rest of the political parties should also make their stands clear," Nath said urging the political parties.

"The BJP, in its political manifesto, has made their stance clear regarding CAA and said they will implement it at any cost," he said.

"Implementing CAA is against the spirit of the Assam Accord, which is a betrayal to the people of Assam," the AASU president asserted.

"CAA is a blueprint to destroy the existence of the Assamese people and persecuting us linguistically," Nath added.

"We will continue to protest against this anti-Assam Act and demanding for its complete withdrawal and scrapping, a bike rally will be taken out on March 20 by every district and regional unit of AASU," he informed.

"We urge the people of Assam to join us in this rally and send a strong message to those in power that we will never accept CAA," Nath reiterated.

He also appealed to the people of Assam to not get swayed in the politics of polarisation.

"A few of the political parties are trying to polarise and divide us in the name of caste, creed, and religion. We must stand strong and should not fall into their traps. Instead, we should stand united and uproot these communal forces once and for all," Nath said.

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