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Adventure You Can Experience While Traveling

April 17, 2022

No doubt, life is itself full of adventures. And there is an adventure in every part of India. But in travelling where you go, you learn, you get a chance to discover and explore new things.

And travel is one of life's most prominent pleasures as it pulls you out of your comfort zone. And changes you into a completely different person with a different perspective. So here are some outdoor activities and adventures you can enjoy while travelling and will make your travel journey more epic.


Adventure in travelling is very important

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It is one of the most standard and topmost priorities of every wanderlust. And trails exist everywhere, move out and escape reality and try to feel the warmth of nature.

Hiking can give you a lot when you experience this in real. And hiking has some of its benefits that most of us don’t know.

First and foremost it allows you to connect with nature which is lacking in today’s modern digital world.

It keeps the mind sharper and inculcates you with positive and peaceful vibes.

In a book called ‘Successful Ageing’ by author Daniel Levitin in which he stated that hiking helps to increase your memory too. Also, Hiking helps you to exercise your brain and increases your memory too. As you get the chance to spend more time with nature you become less anxious and stressed as nature has the healing and calming power.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

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With hiking on trails, cycling and biking can give you another level of adrenaline rush which you have never experienced in your entire life. Those alley trails through rocky mountain ranges look cinematic. This adventure is full of thrill but with that, you’ve to be cautious too. Mountain Biking is a little risky so do seek professional guidance.

With this, you can learn how to be patient and it increases and boosts your stamina. The most popular destinations to facilitate this experience in India are- Leh- Zaskar (Ladakh), Manali- Leh (Himachal Pradesh), and Coorg (Karnataka).


Adventure and travelling goes hand-in-hand

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You will only get to know about the power of water when you feel every bit of it. That sound of waves crashing at the shores, that twinkling and shimmering layer surrounded by water of the still water everything looks blissful. You get to know plenty of things when you take its first step like teamwork, going with the flow, balancing art, and many more which you should acquire in your real life too.

Places famous for Rafting are Rishikesh and Himachal Pradesh.

If you have aquaphobia do try it once your all fears will vanish and you will fall in love with water, its waves.


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Who doesn’t love camping you get a chance to witness nature, encountering wildly and those stargazing and those teeny- tiny tents what else do you need.

You are grateful if you’ve ever experienced this at least once in your entire life. Camping gives you the whole space to make friends, fresh air, and warmth. It automatically unplugs you from digital screens. Campside grilled food, open bonfire, peaceful serene music, and fondest memories. Take a step and experience this at least once.

Snowboarding and Skiing

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Are you a snow lover or that winter chilled season lover? And if you are not then this adventure will surely make you fall in love. An awesome sport that gives you the blast of adrenaline charge all over the body. Those fitted white jackets, helmets, and gliding through the slopes are enough to make you feel excited. Snowboarding is a little bit hard to master but with proper and regular guidance from the instructor you can do it well. You will fall thousands of times but at the end of the day, you will love it that you’ve taken a step out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Gulmarg, Sethan, and Pahalgam are some of the places where you can experience this sport.


adventure is must while travelling

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Do you want to try an incredible breathtaking underwater experience that is not only challenging but rewarding at the same time? Then try this.

Those fascinating ocean creatures, sharks, seahorses, rays, sponges, and whatnot all this scenic beauty looks so jaw-dropping. And those tiny rainbow-coloured fishes roaming in groups around you and even thinking of this and daydreaming look so mesmerizing.

Diving experience will teach you about yourself and you’ll get to know more about yourself. It is overall the best way to explore the incredible underwater world.

Andaman, Goa, and Pondicherry are some phenomenal places to get into this world.

All these are some of the awful and worth-experiencing adventures one can experience during travel. Travel has a lot more to give to nature. Thus, experiencing every bit of it is what one should seek.

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