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Lantern Festival: Experience The Rapunzel Moment For Real

June 27, 2022

Most of us have Tangled, in which Rapunzel wishes to see the floating lights on her birthday. Thousands of floating lanterns add to the beauty of the moment when Rapunzel finally sees them.

Truly the "I see the light" moment made us want to experience it in real life.

Luckily it isn't just a Disney fantasy but is inspired by real life. The Disney animators took inspiration from the lantern festival that happens worldwide.

Floating lanterns have a history in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. But now, one can experience this beauty in many parts of the world, including Poland, Hawaii, Vietnam, Taiwan, Utah, and many more. The lantern festival can be found all around the world.

In the USA, the lantern festival is held in many states, including Toronto, Ohio, Washington DC, Alaska, and many more. It is generally held around September to October when the sky is clear, and the weather is favorable. 

The prominent festivals are The Light Fest, held in many cities in the USA, and the Rise Lantern Festival, which is held in Las Vegas. The dates and details are mentioned on their websites, and

The Tsunan snow festival, held in Japan at the end of winter, is also magnificent. The warmest snow festival is held in Japan's snowiest region, Tsunan. Several fun activities and events take place. It is beautifully concluded with thousands of lanterns touching the sky. 

The most famous and historic lantern festival occurs every year in Pingxi, Thailand. People write their wishes and ambitions on the lantern before letting them float in the sky, hoping their dreams come true.

And if you are wondering whether you can experience this enchanting sight in India, the answer is yes! 

The regal city of Udaipur, known for its palaces and lakes, is also now famous for its lantern festival. It takes place around Diwali, when the city looks exceptionally beautiful, with glittering lights covering the entire city. Thousands of lanterns are released in the sky, turning the night sky into beautiful hues of gold, the sight of which is magical.

The festival includes various events, performances, fun activities, and shopping stalls. It is a perfect destination to witness the glowing sky and celebrate Diwali, never like before.

It is said, “If you light a lantern for someone else, it automatically lights up your path too.”

So these lantern festivals celebrated around the world bring people together. All of them join together and wish their hopes, dreams, and aspirations to come true.

It is filled with fun, happiness, tears, hope, and great memories to cherish forever. And for sure, the magical sight is not worth missing.

The serenity and blissfulness of the view are unmatchable. So if you ever get a chance to experience the lantern festival, don't miss it.

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