Temjen Imna Along
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Age Not A Factor To Understand Responsibility: Temjen Imna Along

May 19, 2023

Nagaland's Tourism and Higher Education Minister, Temjen Imna Along, has gained immense popularity online.

Known for his entertaining and clever social media posts, he effectively conveys ideas and promotes his home state. Recently, he shared a touching video that resonated deeply with online users.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Temjen Imna Along posted a video featuring a young boy courageously protecting his family's shop amidst a severe storm.

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The clip showcases the boy assisting his mother, initially holding onto a tarpaulin sheet while she secures items in the shop with a rope.

As the video progresses, he rushes to retrieve a fallen chair that was toppled by the powerful winds. Along expressed astonishment at the boy's remarkable sense of responsibility, considering his tender age.

"Age is not a factor to understand responsibility, the circumstances only teach it!" he tweeted and the 31-second video has received over lakhs of views and thousands of likes so far.

Watch the video here

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