Vithuse Temi
Vithuse Temi

Vithuse Temi: Exhibiting Nagaland On The Canvas

July 26, 2020

Vithuse Temi is an artist from Nagaland whose artworks have captured the attention of numerous art aficionados from acro the globe.

Vithuse Temi, who is a self-taught artist, has extremely passionate about his artwork since a tender age and has had a liking for drawing and painting.

With continuous hard work, Temi went on to improve his work with every passing day and today he has created a niche for himself in the world of art and painting.

Even though Temi's name and fame have spread wide and far, yet he is rooted in his roots and almost every art of his tells the tales from the rural areas.

A painting by Vithuse Temi

"I don't have any formal training in art and painting. I picked up the nuances all by myself and practised years after years and fine-tuned the craft," Temi said in an interview to Northeast Now.

Speaking further he said, "My works are rooted mostly in rural areas based on the traditional and cultural identity of the people, particularly in this part of the globe."

Being from Nagaland, Temi is well versed with the culture and history of the various ethnic communities of his home state, apart from having a varied knowledge about the other ethnic communities from the rest of Northeast.

A painting by Vithuse Temi

According to Temi, art is about connecting with the emotion of the people.

A common face at the world-famous Hornbill Festival, Vithuse Temi also has an organization called PROJECT 72HRS.

He has showcased his artwork in a number of exhibitions, including at the Regional Painting Workshop at Lalit Kala in Odisha in 2017 and at the National Level Painting Camp at Allahabad in 2019.

Temi also has several art installations and murals in collaboration with the Department of Art and Culture, Kohima.

Vithuse Temi has also worked with the Nagaland Department of Tourism and Kohima Municipal Council.

Apart from capturing the rural life in his canvas, Temi is also known for his caricatures portraits, which are quite popular among the admirers of his work.

Let's hope Vithuse Temi continues to grow and bring more recognition not just to Nagaland, but to the entire Northeast as a whole.

A painting by Vithuse Temi

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