Artisans facing hard times due to COVID pandemic as orders are very less
Artisans facing hard times

Artisans Facing COVID Brunt In Assam

October 7, 2021

Artisans play an important part in making our festive times, especially Durga Puja, a memorable one as they create breathtaking and awe-inspiring idols.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have brought down uncertainty to everyone’s life. People from every walk of life have faced hardship and they are gradually trying to limp back to normalcy.

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One such victim of the COVID-19 induced lockdown is Mantu Paul- one of the most famous clay artisans and idol makers of Pathsala.

Known for his breathtaking idols, Paul, however, is in tears this year.

Speaking exclusively to this correspondent he said, “The Durga Puja is almost at the doorsteps and to date, I have not received 10 orders for an idol.”

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“Earlier, people used throng from six months before with their orders and demands for idols of various shapes and sizes,” he added.

“A team of eight artists used to work day in and day out to meet the orders on time,” he further said.

“However, the pandemic has thrown life out of gear and we are out of work,” he bemoaned.

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“Since the pandemic has hit everyone hard, we even did not find an alternate way of supporting us and our families,” he further said.

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Paul, so far, has received only a few orders for the idols of Vishwakarma and Bishwakarma Puja was celebrated back in the month of September.

“Had the pandemic not struck, then the workshop would have been bustling with work and there would be various idols ready to be delivered,” he added.

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