magic is real. believe in it

Believe In Magic

June 19, 2022

Kids believe in a lot of things
Bedtime Stories
Fairy Tales
Tooth Fairy
The magic within
Adults don't
Adults are practical!
Real! They say
They see life as a course book which has to get harder with every coming chapter
Where their only task, is to frown
So, as soon as we grow the world comes up to shatter our believes
One by one bit by bit
And so, we train ourselves
To break all the 'myths'
And give up to the trap of disbelief
So, fairies stop existing
Magic is no more real
All things crazy,
Adventure, love or fun exists only in stories
And your dream land starts falling
And you, become a robot
Can't function without systems
Remote controlled by people who talk about success
And you follow every step by heart
Because you too want to succeed without a doubt
And then what you do is the story of their failures
Because you are too smart to make your own
Or should I say too afraid
Cause winners never fall and you don't want to loose
And everywhere you see you only see well wishers
But, isn't believe your greatest strength
One thing that keep you going
One thing that kept you intact
When everything seem to go down hill
When everything seemed hellbent
And now without beliefs everything seems tough
What once you made easy for yourself
By dividing it into steps
By taking it one thing at a time
Was as well rough
So start believing again
Believe in magic
Believe in yourself
I know its gonna be hard
But, believe me victory do come after pain
Take your believes with you
Take them everywhere
Take the leap forward for your dreams
Because as you do that my friend believes will believe in your powers too

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