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Embers Of Longing

August 3, 2023

Love's gentle touch, a flame in the heart,
Unrequited, it tears our world apart.
Like a solitary star lost in the night,
Yearning for connection, burning so bright.

In the depths of longing, we find our pain,
Unanswered echoes, a melancholy refrain.
Yet through this suffering, a truth unfolds,
Love's essence is found in stories untold.

For unrequited love, a bittersweet art,
It holds the power to mend, to tear us apart.
In its absence, we learn what we hold dear,
And in its presence, we conquer our fear.

So let us embrace this unrequited flame,
In its longing, we find love's sacred name.
For it is in the chase, the unattained goal,
That the depths of our souls truly unfold.

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