Eminent theatre activist Ratna Ojha delivering his speech at the Mass Communication Day celebrated on the occasion of birth anniversary of Bhupen Hazarika

Bhupen Hazarika: A Humble Tribute

September 11, 2019
Damodar Deka performing in Guwahati

Bhupen Hazarika, also known as 'the Bard of the Brahmaputra' is not just a name for many, but it is an emotion.

The legendary singer resides in the heart of every Assamese- irrespective of his caste, creed, religion, ethnicity or linguistic preference.

His name oozes beauty and any person who finds himself closer to Bhupen da is beautiful.

It is said that when a person is beautiful from inside, then it is immaterialistic whether he can see the world through his eyes or not.

It is immaterialistic whether he is a trained singer or he is an untrained one, whether he learned painting or it began just as a hobby.

Baihata Chariali's Damodar Deka proved just that and made it a point in front of the world that he is not 'specially-abled' because he can't see the rainbow!

He is beautiful because he is special and he connected to god via Bhupen Hazarika.

Invited to the Mass Communication Day in Cotton University, Deka sang two Bhupen Hazarika's songs and his performance touched everyone's heart and soul.

He performed Manuhey Manuhar Baabey with such ease and near perfection that the audience could not help but accord him a standing ovation.

Mass Communication Day is celebrated every year on September 8 on the occasion of birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Bhupen Hazarika by the department of Mass Communication, Journalism & Media Studies, Cotton University.

The 93rd birth anniversary of the maestro was also celebrated by the department in a grand way.

Prominent theatre activist Ratna Ojha delivered the mass communication day speech and spoke at length about many unheard stories from Bhupen Hazarika's life.

Damodar Deka was an added flavour to the august fervour of the day.

Department's Assistant Professor Muktismaan Hazarika needs to be mentioned here specially for identifying the talent and presenting him before the audience.

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