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Watch Mommy Rat In Mission Rescue

July 22, 2020

It is said that a rat is neither good nor evil and It does what a rat has to do.

It is probably one of the most hated creatures by the humans for rats "destroy" more than it "creates".

But let's not forget a rat is also a living creature and it also has feelings, it also has families and it also can feel pain and love.

We are often told that there can't be a greater love than a mother's love and every mother loves her child more than her own life.

This probably is one such truth that doesn't require any proof.

You must have seen numerous videos of animals where they have challenged every limit to protect their younger ones.

These videos, on several occasions, have indeed made many of us emotional by touching our hearts.

Video of mother deer offering herself to predators to protect her young ones are some of the most common videos we have witnessed on the internet.

However, the video here shows a mother rat rescuing her younger ones from getting drowned.

She is seen bringing her young one out of the hole (home) in which they were living before rain struck and water began to enter the hole.

The rat went inside the hole a number of times to bring her puppies out of it, which was filling up with water fast.

The video was shared in his twitter account by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan and till the filing of this report, it was watched over 2000 times.

"This will melt you. Just see this mother’s rescue operation. A friend sent it via WhatsApp," Kaswan captioned the video.



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