Assam CM Meets State Agriculture Commission

August 5, 2022

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on August 4, 2022, asked the Assam Agriculture Commission to make extensive visit to agriculture clusters across the state, hold discussion with the progressive farmers, try to understand their issues, recommend steps to address them for enhancing gross production of state's agricultural commodities.

Chief Minister Sarma further asked the Commission that besides field visits, it should also hold meetings every six months to review the implementation of the Commission’s suggestions and observations for the qualitative and quantitative development of agriculture sector.

" The Commission should also lend capacity building to the state farmers in organic and natural farming and increase export potential of their produce," the CM said.

With regard to the seeds, Sarma also asked the Commission to suggest appropriate scientific methods and approaches for increasing productivity, profitability, stability and sustainability of farming practices.

"Replace the existing seeds with good and new variety high yielding seeds for increased production of state's agricultural commodities," the CM suggested.

For the overall development of agriculture sector, the CM said, "The Commission should look into the areas like policy change needed to ensure effective implementation of the strategies and execute converge with line departments."

Considering the climate and its effects on agriculture, CM Sarma also sought advices of the Commission on enabling the sector to cope with recurring flood, drought and other climate related stresses.

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