Koi Raja Maharaja Aa Raha Hain Kya
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Koi Raja Maharaja Aa Raha Hain Kya: A Commoner's Opinion

May 16, 2022

Are DC Sahab Yeh Kya Natak Hain, Kyu Gadi Rukwaya Hain, Koi Raja Maharaja Aa Raha Hain Kya... do you remember these famous lines from a video of Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma rebuking Nagaon DC for halting the traffic to make way for his convoy?

I am sure most of you do. The video went viral like wildfire.

The video, however, did not go down well with the netizens and several people called the CM's behaviour  "unprofessional".

"Harassment was caused more by the CM than the IAS officer," many people commented.

"The ministers' convoys create more ruckus and indiscipline," many added.

"The traffic is put on hold every time a minister's convoy passes through an area and this causes harassment to the general public," a few others said.

After watching the video and reading the comments numerous times, I question myself- Was the CM actually concerned about people’s agony when he rebuked the administrative officer or was it a mere publicity stunt?

After the incident, the CM also stated red beacons atop cars of all ministers would be banned and that traffic will also not be halted for the convoys to pass.

"Convoys will move like common vehicles," the CM had stated.

Even though the red beacons use and declined to an extent, halting traffic during the passage of a minister's convoy still continues.

"What can we do? We are only following orders received from the higher authorities," said a traffic police personnel seeking anonymity.

The question here is- who are these higher authorities? Are they from the government or from the traffic department?

When the CM has instructed to end the VIP culture, then why should the traffic department follow orders from "higher authorities?"

These authorities are certainly not above the CM, or are they?

Rules should be the same for all, irrespective of positions held.

The CM should take immediate action regarding this matter and prove that he is really concerned about the people as a whole.

Until the CM acts in a strict manner, every time the traffic is halted for a minister's convoy, people will keep asking- Koi Raja Maharaja Aa Raha Hain Kya?

Watch the video here.

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