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Depression: Nemesis That Needs To Be Defeated

March 25, 2020

Depression is real, and it does not just have an impact on the people dealing with it personally, but also affects the people around him/her.

Relationships (both personal and professional) go for a toss if depression is not addressed with the utmost sincerity and care.

When one is depressed, one certainly needs to visit a specialist—a psychiatrist or a psychologist—and get treated.

Treatment for depression is a must. Treatments are of different types.

Depression is caused by several factors and also depends on the social, emotional, and medical condition of a person.

Experts say that if a person is suffering from ailments like diabetes, obesity, or hypertension, then he/she may go through depression.

"Treat your diabetes and blood pressure well," medical experts always advise patients suffering from these two diseases.

Diabetes and blood pressure are silent assassins and if we don't control or cure them, they will one day make our lives miserable, and depression is just the start of it.

If you are depressed and you can't figure out any cure or you don't want to visit the doctor and get medical help, then there are a few ways that you should follow to overcome depression.

The techniques may not work for everybody, but they work for sure, and that is a certainty.

MAINTAIN A ROUTINE. If you are depressed, then you need to maintain a proper routine so that you can bring your life back on track.

Experts say that as depression can strip away the structure of life, one needs to settle into a daily schedule and try and bring life back on track.

SET GOALS: A depressed person generally feels that he/she can't achieve anything worthwhile in life and may feel that his/her life has no meaning at all.

But if such a person sets an achievable goal and works on it on a daily basis, life will get back on track.

Goals must be small and should be something that can be achieved.

And once the goal is set, push yourself towards it.

Make every second and every minute count and don't rush or hurry.

And when you think you're doing well in your goal-achieving part, raise the bar higher and strive for it.

EXERCISE: Exercise is a wonderful remedy, and if you are depressed, you should definitely exercise as it temporarily boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

Exercise to fight depression

Exercise to fight depression. Credit:

Experts say that regular exercise encourages the brain to rewire itself in positive ways.

And when I say exercise, I don't mean you need to run a marathon. Simple brisk walking, jogging, or cycling also helps.

EAT HEALTHY: Eating healthy and nutritious food helps in overcoming depression, but remember one thing, there is no magic diet that fixes depression.

Watch what you eat and try to eat anything that is good for your health, but never overeat.

SLEEP WELL: Having proper and enough sleep helps in overcoming depression.

If you are sleep deprived, then your brain is weary and tired, and this leads to irritability and triggers depression.

FEEL RESPONSIBLE: A depressed person generally tends to pull back and escape from the situation. But what should be done is just the opposite.

When you are depressed, speak out loud and take responsibility.

When you are involved and have daily responsibilities, it can help you maintain a lifestyle that can help counter depression.

Responsibilities ground you and give you a sense of accomplishment.

CHALLENGE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: In your fight against depression, a lot of the work is mental, and the first thing you need to do is change the way you think.

When you are depressed, you tend to jump to the worst possible conclusions, which is not advisable.

When you are depressed and feeling terrible about yourself, use logic, as it is believed that logical and rational thinking help in countering depression effectively.

This, however, is an arduous task as you will have to practise and challenge your old habits.

It is like setting a goal and maintaining a routine, which I spoke about earlier.

TRY TO HAVE FUN: If you’re depressed, make time for things you enjoy, enjoy doing those things, and have fun.

Plan things you used to enjoy, even if you feel like not doing them anymore. Once your interests are redirected to things you love doing, life will become jolly again.

When one is depressed, one can lose the knack for enjoying life, and one has to relearn how to do it. In time, fun things really will feel fun again.

Have fun to counter depression

Have fun to counter depression. Credit:

These are just a few steps that I have come across after going through various articles and reports on depression available online.

It is always advisable that you visit your doctor or counsellor and act according to what they have to say.

The article is only for educational purposes and does not provide complete medical solutions.

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