World's Smoothest Chocolate
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India Makes World's Smoothest Chocolate

October 22, 2022

When we have chocolates, what is the one thing that we notice the most? it's smoothness, right? Smoothness improves the buying experience of chocolate. Have you ever wondered who makes the world's smoothest chocolate? Well, from the headline it is pretty obvious that it's India. But do you know what is its name and which company makes it? Well, worry not! Here we are with all the facts and the story behind it!

Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, a brand of high-end chocolate made by ITC Ltd., can now make chocolates as thin as 7 microns thanks to ground-breaking technological advances.

India-made Fabelle Finesse is the world's smoothest chocolate and is renowned for creating unmatched chocolate experiences. It offers unparalleled smoothness and a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

As part of the launch, Fabelle collaborated with renowned Australian pastry chef and television personality Adriano Zumbo.

The ground-breaking innovation is the result of months of work by the ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre (ITC LSTC) and close cooperation with Fabelle Master Chocolatiers, who craft exquisite chocolate in India that is on par with the best in the world.

Consumers discovered the chocolate to be significantly smoother than benchmarks in a cutting-edge neurological testing method conducted by Neurons Inc. The sheer joy of consumption even assisted consumers in reducing stress in the test conditions. It was made with cocoa that came from Colombia and Ghana. Milk and dark cocoa give each bite a rich flavour, a smooth texture, and a pleasant smell.

The chocolate was made using the cocoa finesser, a cutting-edge technology. The use of this technology made it possible to reduce the chocolate particle size to a new standard, which cannot be attained using only the conventional refining method. The machines work at pressures that are higher than those found in the deepest tunnels on Earth. This helps make chocolate that is smoother than anything else and melts in your mouth in a way that feels almost divine.

The company is introducing limited-edition boxes of chocolate thins made with Fabelle Finesse, which will be sold in a few brand boutiques within ITC Hotels. Future versions of the chocolate will be included in the company's entire chocolate line and sold at brand boutiques across India.

"I am both exhilarated and excited to be present here with Fabelle Chocolates on such an ambitious project. I was completely intrigued by the technology that ITC Ltd. has been able to build through their relentless enthusiasm, in a bid to provide the world with a superlative luxury chocolate experience," said Chef Zumbo, sharing his experience.

"It has been an enriching journey for me to work with Fabelle Master Chocolatiers, who possess the knowledge and understanding intricacies of the art of chocolate making. I wish it a very successful inning in its commitment to providing consumers with world-class chocolates," he added.

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