Monday blues
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The Hues Of Monday Blues

October 17, 2022

Even on Monday, when Monday blues engulf us and we don't want to do a thing except relax, we can still accomplish amazing things as long as we keep our eyes on the bright side.

Here's hoping that you take some blues away from your Monday. Everyone arrives at work on Monday morning and begins running down the long list of tasks that must be completed for the week, adding to the Monday blues.

Returning to work Monday morning starts putting a tighter schedule in place once more, and getting back on track can be exhausting.

Monday means getting back into the workplace and having to do things that we are not necessarily looking forward to doing.

I wish Monday would come back so I could get back the time I wasted on less important things instead of using my time wisely and effectively to move my life's measuring stick forward.

We are so screwed by Monday that it is hard to wake up and be motivated to start the week. There is no reason why you have to tackle every weekday task on Monday.

Whenever possible, try to avoid scheduling meetings or large tasks on Monday. Another way of doing that is by pre-planning your work for the last day of the prior week's completion, so you can hit the ground running on Monday without a lot of chaos. This will be useful in cases when the strain is tearing the roof off the workplace since you could take a couple of hours on Saturday to have an idea in advance of what needs to be done on Monday.

If possible, save all the heavy lifting or lighter tasks-be making copies, booking trips, or reviewing invoices-for Monday morning. To smoothly transition from your weekend off to your busy Monday, schedule a few tasks on your first workday.

Monday is the first day of work for everyone around the world, except for GCC countries, where people start working on Sunday, and in some cases, Saturday as well. Some people work throughout the weekend, looking forward to Monday since it is their day off.

Monday blues are real, and you are not the only person who feels groggy and overloaded on a Monday morning.

Work, family, hustler culture, and feeling pressured by your peers can contribute to a nasty case of the Monday blues, and as you work on understanding those emotions better, you have to understand what is driving them. With this in mind, here are some pretty ironclad reasons for the lethal Monday Morning Blues mix that makes us feel like we have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

If you are feeling down, annoyed, overloaded, slow, and stressed early in your workweek, then you are likely dealing with a case of the Monday blues.

While you are wondering about this conundrum, I am going to say there is a way to boost both your spirits and moods so that you can conquer your ordinary Monday blues. Once you figure it out, by asking yourself why you are feeling bluer than normal when Monday rolls around, you can begin taking steps to make your Mondays easier, maybe even more pleasant.

What starts on Monday must continue through Friday, i.e., the excitement. If you have the right mindset, you can be as excited about Monday as you are about Friday.

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