Farming in Iraq
Representational Image of farming in Iraq (Courtesy: New York Post)

Iraq Achieves Self-Sufficiency In Farming

August 6, 2019

Even after fires ravaged 40000 acres of agricultural fields across the country, Iraq has been able to receive around 4 million tons of local wheat.

This was reported by Al-Monitor quoting Iraqi Minister of Trade Mohammed Hashim al-Ani.

"This signals that the country is ready to achieve self-sufficiency in this strategic crop," Hashim al-Ani said on Monday.

It may be mentioned here that Iraq banned the import of seven crops abundantly produced in the country after the country achieved self-sufficiency in several agricultural crops by the end of 2018.

"The amount of land planted with grains has been so great that it has managed to limit the impact of the recent fires on the country’s plans to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat and barley,” reported Al-Monitor quoting Ministry of Agriculture spokesman Hamid al-Nayif.

“One of the reasons behind the increase in production is the ministry’s launch of the wheat agriculture expansion project at the end of 2009, which focuses on providing highly productive seeds capable of weathering drought and salinity, knowing that the latter is a widespread problem across the country,” Nayif said.

It may be mentioned here that earlier on July 17 this year, the wheat and barley production in Southern Iraq's Maysan province was an all-time high.

It is worth mentioning here that the farmers of the Babylon province have sold over 100000 tonnes of wheat in the current agricultural season.

"This is an achievement for farmers in the province, considering the drought and the modest agricultural techniques,” further reported Al-Monitor quoting Suhaila Abbas, a member of the Agricultural Committee in the Babylon Provincial Council.

Abbas further said that farmers making profits by selling their products also help in boosting the country's economy as better production and better sells encourage the farmers for better farming.

Much of the success achieved by the farmers of Iraq has to be attributed to the government agricultural policies that encourage farmers into farming.

Several experts are of the view that to make full use of the available agricultural land of Iraq, better and modern agricultural techniques are required.

Even though the country has been able to achieve big in the agricultural field despite hurdles, yet there is more the country can achieve.

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