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Mizoram: Ghost Hunting YouTubers Stumble Upon Corpse In Haunted Hut Near Aizawl

July 4, 2023

In a spine-chilling turn of events, popular YouTube ghost hunters of Mizoram, Lalhmangaihzuala (Angaiha) and Lalhminghlua (Sena) stumbled upon a murder scene during their nocturnal expedition near the Tlawng River on the outskirts of Aizawl on June 30, 2023.

The brothers from Mizoram, known for their paranormal videos, were exploring the area when they uncovered the body of a man inside a secluded hut.

With a growing fanbase of over 33,000 followers, the Angaiha Five Brothers YouTube channel has captivated viewers with their eerie encounters.

On June 30 night, armed with cellphones recording live, Angaiha and Sena ventured into the dark forested patch near the Tlawng River. Little did they know that this expedition would take a sinister turn.

The hut, locally known as a jhum in Mizoram, had previously been visited by the brothers without any significant findings.

However, on this particular night, they discovered the body of a man inside the hut, prompting them to flee in fear.

The brothers wasted no time and rushed approximately 8.6km to the Aizawl Police Station to report their shocking discovery.

The victim was later identified as Vanlallawma, a 55-year-old driver from Lunglei town, located 170km away from the crime scene.

As per media reports, investigations conducted by the police revealed that Lalroliana, aged 43, and his partner Lalsiampuii, aged 40, were the prime suspects in the murder.

The police apprehended the suspects on July 1, following an extensive search in Seling village, situated 45km from Aizawl.

According to initial findings, Lalroliana allegedly killed Vanlallawma after a fit of jealousy, as the victim had been conversing with Lalroliana's partner.

Further investigation is underway to determine whether the murder occurred at another location and the body was subsequently dumped in the hut or if the crime occurred within the hut itself.

Lalroliana and Lalsiampuii were presented before the Aizawl district court on Sunday, where the court granted the police custody of the suspects for an additional 48 hours to facilitate further investigation and interrogation.

Inspector Albert Lalbiakmawia from the Aizawl police station confirmed this development.

Meanwhile, Vanlallawma's corpse was transported back to Lunglei and cremated as per local customs.

Despite the chilling experience, the Angaiha Five Brothers remain undeterred and have gained an additional three thousand followers in the past three days.

They are preparing for future episodes and have announced their intention to return to the same haunted hut, per their subscribers' discussions.

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