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Meritorious Mizoram Police Personnel Awarded

March 15, 2022

Seven meritorious Mizoram police personnel, along with four state excise and narcotics personnel, were awarded Governor’s Gold and Silver Medal for meritorious services in public works by the state Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati at a ceremony held in the Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan on March 15, 2022, forenoon.

Pu Lalchamliana, Home Minister, and Dr K Beichhua, Minister of State for Excise & Narcotics also graced the occasion.

Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati, in his felicitation address to the recipients of the prestigious Governor’s Gold and Silver medals, congratulated the winners for their exemplary devotion to their duties and extra efforts to perform some tasks that required courage and exceptional dedication, stated an official release.

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Governor expressed his satisfaction in presenting the awards to the most deserving and meritorious employees of the state government who are selected after careful consideration by the competent authorities through a meticulous selection process.

He congratulated the Mizoram Police and the Excise & Narcotics Departments for producing excellent personnel, who are sincere and innovative employees, whose actions and service have justified their achievements today.

At the same time, he also urged other personnel in other departments to work harder to get recognition with these distinguished awards as these Medals are reserved for all the deserving state government employees.

He further elaborated that governance pervades all spheres of public life, and hence government employees wield enormous influence, which must be utilized responsibly.

In this connection, he suggested that all the government servants, as public servants should remind themselves of all the resources and the capabilities they have to better the lives of others, which will ultimately give them true happiness.

He believed the recipients of the awards were using their position and power for the benefit of others and society at large and not for their own advantages. He also stated that Service in itself is a virtue and must be appreciated.

Home Minister Pu Lalchamliana thanked the governor for the arrangement of the programme which is usually incorporated in the Republic Day celebration programme under normal circumstances.

He, as a Minister for DM&R also explained the reason for not distributing the awards at the Republic Day was the Covid-19 restrictions.

While congratulating the Mizoram police personnel for receiving the prestigious he also suggested all the heads of administration and the HODs should come forward with recommendations of their staff for these awards.

Dr K Beichhua expressed his appreciation of acknowledgement at this level received by his hard-working staff for the first time.

He proudly stated that the E&ND with a small task force is commendably performing a massive task of protecting the state from illicit drug trafficking and peddling. And this recognition, he believed would surely boost the morale of the E&ND to perform even better than before.

This year, the Governor’s Gold Medals were awarded to Pu C.Lalbiaktluanga, Sub-Inspector, ANS, E&ND, Pu Lalkunga, H/C 170, ANS, E&ND, Pu PC Lalrinsanga, C/270, Aizawl DEF and Pu Lalhriatpuia, C/199, Aizawl DEF. The Governor’s Silver Medals were awarded to Pu R.Lalrinsanga, Sub Inspector, ANS, E&ND, Pu PC Laldingngheta, C/316, ANS, E&ND, Pu F.Tlanghmingthanga, Inspector(AB), 1st IR BN, Pu Rohlupuia, Hav, 2nd BN MAP, Pu Lalringzuala Fanai, C/16320, 3rd BN MAP, Pu PC Siamkima, C/30, Aizawl DEF and Pu R.Lalrochhara, C/16350, PTS, Thenzawl.

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