Nationwide lockdown brought the saidst out of me
Nationwide lockdown brought the saidst out of me

Nationwide Lockdown Introduced Me To The Sadist Me

April 11, 2020

The 21-day nationwide lockdown was called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the midnight of March 24 to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The lockdown, by and large, has been successful and people mostly have understood the importance of social distancing and how dangerous the coronavirus can be.

Apart from introducing me with the dangerous aspect of the virus, this 21-day nationwide lockdown also introduced me to the darker side of me!

This lockdown introduced me to the 'sadist me'!

Yes, you read it right- the sadist me!

Earlier, I could never imagine myself as a sadist, but the nationwide lockdown introduced me with this unseen part of me.

Moreover, it also exposed a sadist nation before me and this gives me another sadist pleasure as I know I am not the lone sadist in the country!

We have been racial and this fact has shone like the Pole Star even during this lockdown and there is no point talking about it.

Humans, by birth, are racist and I strongly adhere to this statement.

I give it a damn if someone agrees with me at this point or not.

We are racists and that's a fact!

The racial part will be discussed in some another chapter, later on.

I am a sadist as because I entertained myself by watching the videos where police canned the lockdown violators.

I am a sadist as because I laughed my heart out by watching the videos of police punishing the lockdown violators.

Not just I laughed and "enjoyed", I shared those videos in various social media groups.

My intention behind these sharings was to "spread smile" on the faces of many sad souls, who have been "forced" to stay indoors because of the nationwide lockdown.

Many people violated the lockdown protocols- some with intention and some without intention, but police canned both.

Even though I felt sorry for a select few and I condemned the "police brutality", I, however, made sure that I laughed at most of the videos.

I made it double sure that I shared the videos so much that it reached the "smartphones" of almost the entire population.

When these videos started getting boring, I looked for other "brutal" videos in which I made sure the person who was canned was naked and his buttock cheeks were visible.

I made it sure that the video showed him shout in extreme pain.

I also made it sure that the video showed him either peeing or excreting out of pain and yes, the moist and teary eyes had to be a must inclusion of these videos.

After all, to see a fellow human excreting and peeing out of pain gives me immense pleasure, which cannot be explained in mere words.

This supreme sadist please can only be felt and experienced in person...

Once these videos began to get bore, I wanted some new source of entertainment and what could be more entertaining than mocking the differently-abled people!

I picked up a popular Bollywood song from 2002 and started acting like a differently-abled person by hearing the sound of a police siren.

And why do I do that?

Well, since it is lockdown and I am bored staying indoors so I decide to venture out.

But venturing out is a crime and if police find me, I am going to be canned.

Hence, I began to act like a differently-abled person as soon as I heard the police siren.

And why did I do that?

Simple, the police will cane the perfectly abled me but not the differently-abled me!

And since I am acting and I am a pathetic actor, my act as a differently-able person is terrible.

But me being me I will add "more fun" to my act and what did I do to add fun- I added some unwanted eccentricity to the already pathetic act.

Wait...I am not done yet as I have to make it even "funnier" and to do that, I add a dull background laughter track.

And after the video is complete, I start sharing it online and gradually I increase the number of such videos.

These videos become "massive hits" and hence I become successful in my mission of entertaining all, including myself.

But...but I forgot the fact that my act of fun cold even possibly hurt the feelings of 100s and 1000s of differently-abled people across the globe.

The sadist me will never realise the difficulty to walk with crutches or move around on a wheelchair.

I will never understand what it means when the rainbow for someone is made of just one colour and all he can do is just imagine what VIBGYOR may look like.

I will never understand how some feel to not able to call out 'Maa' or 'Papa' or speak shout their names loud and clear and hear it back.

I will never understand...I will never understand as I am a sadist- an unseen part of me with whom I was not introduced before this nationwide lockdown.

And when someone decides to speak out against all these, I am the first one to say, "Chill out brother, it is just pun intended. Why so serious?"

Yes, of course, just pun intended- some sadistic pun if I am to sum it all up in a nutshell!

PS: I am not a sadist and through this article, I am extending my apology to every differently-abled person who have been hurt by the numerous videos about which I have mentione in the article. If someone feels that my article, at any point, is hurting them as well, then please forgive me. Through this article, I am apologising truly from my heart.




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