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New COVID-19 Cases Are No Longer Breaking News

May 26, 2020

When there is a pandemic, then there are new cases and after almost six months, new COVID-19 cases are not "breaking news" and certainly not "big breaking".

To be honest, gone are days of breaking and big breaking news and the now the time is for some subtle and sober views.

The sooner the media understand this is the better for society.

It takes only a second for people to get panicky and the way the news about the new COVID-19 cases are now presented, such seconds are now too quick and also in galore.

Whether it is 47 new cases or 447 new cases, we should understand that it was bound to happen...maybe we could have lessened the numbers!

When the first COVID-19 case was detected in Assam, weren't we expecting a spike?

Don't tell me we actually believed when someone said: "immune system of Assamese people are strong and so we won't be affected by coronavirus!"

When the country with the world's best, second best and third best healthcare system failed to protect its citizens, then how did we even think the Assam will be able to evade it?

The Assam government has carried out over 55000 COVID-19 tests so far- higher than the state with the best healthcare system in the country.

The tests were carried out with the sole intention of identifying the number of infected people in the state.

And the number of positive and negative results have now given the government an idea regarding the way forward from here on.

Since most patients are already quarantined in various quarantine centres, the positive cases also suggest that everything may not be just right in these centres.

These cases also reflect one thing- there are more asymptomatic patients out there and among them who are making a return journey.

The positive cases also provide the government with the opportunity to tighten all the loose ends and adopt tougher measures.

I agree that more positive cases may throw a lot of things out of gear- especially the treatment procedure as we don't have a robust healthcare system.

But that doesn't mean we need to inform about new cases with such exaggeration every time the Minister tweets about it!

Animated presentations make things worse rather than bettering it and this may lead to people pressing the 'panic button'.

We will gain nothing by pressing the panic button now and if we do press it, this is going to create more unrest.

As from what I have observed and read, coronavirus is here to stay and there are chances that new cases might be detected in bulk even after six months from now

What the society really needs now is a pragmatic approach and that approach isn't going to come if we keep on holding the tail of "breaking" and "big breaking news"!

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