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One Viral MMS, Few Destroyed Lives

November 21, 2019

One Viral MMS is what it takes to erase a beautiful smile forever and subsequently kill several other lives along with it.

A few weeks back one actor-model from Assam was in the news after some of her ‘private’ videos went viral on social media.

Apparently she had shot the videos for her ‘lover’ who allegedly leaked it.

Back home, she was called names and ‘slut-shamed’ by our ‘educated’ class of society.

News anchors shouted on top of their voice and repeatedly aired the story, flashing her name and every other detail.

I did not know anything about her until her ‘One Viral MMS’ was available in every second smartphone.

Some shared it to have some ‘fun’ while others shared it to spread awareness as to why we should not shoot such videos.

Whatever the reason may be, but the main thing is that the video was viral.

Here, I have questioned myself many times- how did the video go viral?

Did she shared it on purpose or was it someone else who shared it on one ‘banned’ adult site and from there the ‘moral educators’ downloaded it and shared it among peers?

Why had to media jump in and make stories on the girl when the main culprit(s) is (are) someone else?

After her name being flashed and the place of her residence revealed, is it only she who suffered alone?

If we search the web such viral MMSes are in plenty and they have been viewed over and over again, shared over a hundred times.

Do we ever try to know as what might have happened to her/him and her/his family after the video went ‘viral’?

As newsmen, do we ever ponder as to how our 'moral' rants will affect the person(s) associated directly with the video?

Some years back one of my friends jumped in front of a moving train for someone recorded a private video of his and uploaded online.

In the video, he was seen masturbating while watching porn.

He was laughed at by his friends and colleagues and trialled back home.

Every day his parents used to shame and told him what he did was morally wrong.

The pressure was too much for him to handle and one fine day the dam breached.

His parents went into a severe depression and within a year they were gone too.

Who shot the video and how it went viral is still a mystery.

Here I would like to inform something- uploading ‘adult’ videos is a highly profitable business and some have taken it as their full-time profession.

There are several secret players controlling this game and in the lure of the high paycheck, many among us upload such videos without thinking about the future.

They are least bothered who lives or who dies but the onus is on us, the ones who make the videos viral.

I am not preaching morality here but making a humble request- think thrice before you act.

More view and more share yield more revenue for the site where it is uploaded and in turn the uploaders receives a higher paycheck.

Sharing private photographs and videos will never stop but since it is private, it should always remain private.

And dear anchors and sentinels of democracy’s fourth estate- one news item can make or it can break and as newsmen we all should remember it.

The trend of ‘One Viral MMS ‘ should come to a pause if it cannot be stopped once and for all!

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