The First Time

The First Time

July 9, 2023

“Will it hurt? I am really scared” said Shipra to her colleague Meera.

Meera smiled and said, c’mon you have been through so many pains alone this shouldn’t scare you.

“But what will Anirban say?” she said.

Meera again tried to assure her, “Look Shipra it’s your decision, whatever it is you have to face the consequences.”

Shipra was silent. She has been married to Anirban for 20 years; everything was going smoothly for her till she met Raghav at her friend’s anniversary that day.

She spoke to him and her mind wasn’t still after that. She would keep on thinking “I was such a fun loving girl, but marriage changed me completely. It seems I put all my inner desires in a box and locked it somewhere. But Raghav made her feel differently. He made her feel young, alive and beautiful again.

“ Don’t think so much, everyone is doing it these days, it’s nothing to feel guilty about.” He told her that day and assured she won’t regret the experience.

It was Friday, Anirban would go on a tour to Tura, her son would go to college first and then to his friend’s place which means she has a lot of time for herself.

She quickly wrapped up everything and came out of the house, she was dressed a little differently today, a palazzo and a sleeveless kurta. She bought it long time back, but ever since Anirban said she looked fat in them she put it back in her closet.

But not anymore, she needs to change that habit now and frankly she didn’t care.

She called up Raghav and he told her to come after 2pm, “Nobody would be there, just don’t feel embarrassed, you will love it,” he said.

She entered finally, the room wasn’t too big, the lights were dim and a soothing music was playing.

Raghav saw her and smiled, “So you finally mustered the courage to listen to your heart?”

She smiled awkwardly “I don’t know, I don’t even know how will my son react, he will feel embarrassed and my husband… he doesn’t even have a clue.”

“Relax, said Raghav, “Just let go of your inhibitions, listen to your heart, besides I am really good at it.”

Shipra took a deep breath, and laid down on the bed, “It's now or never,” she murmured to herself.

Raghav came up to her, looked at her, and it finally started.

Shipra let out a cry first, “No Raghav, I can't do it, I don’t have the guts,”

Raghav held her hand said, “Please don’t do this, you relax and enjoy.”

It lasted for a full 45 minutes, she opened her eyes and smiled at Raghav.

“You liked it?" He asked.

“Yes, I love it, she said with a huge smile as she began to leave.

“Goodbye Raghav, I will remember you, she said, as she looked at her tattoo in the mirror.”

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