Tigers from Assam goes to West Bengal
Tigers from Assam goes to West Bengal

Tigers To Be Translocated From Assam To Bengal

February 16, 2020

With an aim to boost the tiger population of Buxa Tiger Reserve, there are plans to translocate six tigers from Kaziranga National Park, Assam.

The tigers will be translocated from the Kaziranga National Park to the West Bengal tiger reserve.

The move comes after the recent tiger census showed zero tiger presence in the West Bengal reserve.

The Assam Tribune reported that no direct evidence of tigers was found in the Buxa Tiger Reserve in the last 30 years.

However, conservationists in Assam have called for caution before going ahead with the translocation.

Quoting unnamed sources from the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), The Assam Tribune reported, "The developments are still at a nascent stage."

The source further added that before going ahead with the entire translocation exercise, a host of criteria needs to be meet by Buxa.

As per the source, the West Bengal tiger reserve is not at its best shape.

"Status of tiger habitat in terms of security and prey base is the most important factor for relocation and Buxa could struggle in both in the present time," the source added.

Before going ahead with the translocation exercise, the NTCA will look into all the parameters quite meticulously.

For tigers to be reintroduced at Buxa, the officials there needs to strengthen the tiger prey base.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 29, 2019, released the Tiger Estimation Report (TER) 2018 in New Delhi.

According to the TER, the tiger population of India is currently 2967, which is a 33 per cent growth in the 4th cycle of tiger census.

According to the TER, with 526 numbers Madhya Pradesh tops the list of the states with highest numbers of tigers.

The state is closely followed by Karnataka which has 524 tigers and Uttarakhand with 442 numbers of the big cat.

Assam too witnessed an increase in the number of tigers and presently there are 190 tigers in the state from 167 in 2014.

Even though other states witnessed a positive trend in the tiger population, Chattisgarh and Mizoram, however, witnessed a slight decline.

Whereas the number of tiger population in Odisha remained constant.

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