Chhaya Kadam at Cannes

Chhaya Kadam Makes And Emotional Cannes Debut

May 22, 2024

Actor Chhaya Kadam, widely known for portraying Manju Mai in Kiran Rao's 'Laapataa Ladies,' debuted at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2024.

Adorned in her late mother's cherished saree and nose ring, the debut of the talented actor was deeply emotional and symbolic.

Chhaya Kadam exuded grace and reverence as she walked the red carpet at the French Riviera, capturing the attention of the global media.

In a heartfelt tribute to her mother, the actor took to social media to express her emotions, sharing glimpses of her Cannes journey and reminiscing about her unfulfilled dream of travelling with her mother.

With poignant words in Marathi, she conveyed her feelings, "Mom, my dream of taking you on a plane ride remained unfulfilled....but today, I am satisfied that I brought your saree and nose ring with me on the plane to the Cannes Film Festival."

"Still, Mom! I wish you were here today to see all this. Love you, Mummy, and miss you a lot," the actor added.

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Alongside her touching tribute, Chhaya shared a delightful moment spent with renowned music composer AR Rahman at the festival, describing their encounter as a cherished memory.

Chhaya Kadam's presence at Cannes was not merely symbolic; she represented the Indian film 'All We Imagine As Light,' directed by Payal Kapadia, in the prestigious Palme d'Or competition.

This Indo-French production marks a significant milestone as the first Indian entry to compete in the main category at Cannes in three decades. The film narrates the compelling story of a nurse named Prabha, portrayed by Kadam, whose life takes an unexpected turn after receiving a gift from her estranged husband, leading to profound introspection and transformation.

The Cannes Film Festival will conclude on May 25, 2024.

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