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Till The End Of Time: A Love Story To Fall In Love With

February 12, 2022

There was a time when I used to read at least four books a week. And when I could, I also filled the pages of notebooks with my random thoughts and quotes. But after joining the rat race to earn a six-figure salary, my reading habits went down the gutter. However, things changed this new year when a friend gifted me the book Till The End Of Time, which marks the debut of Assam-born author Chayashree Pathak as a novelist.

Initially, I wasn't sure if or not to restart my reading habits with an English novel written by a debutant author. An author about whom I have neither heard before nor read earlier. Keeping my reservations aside, I jumped into Pathak's universe.

Owing to my hectic schedule and professional obligations, it took me a little longer than usual to complete the book. And when it ended, I yearned for more.

I fell in love with each character, especially with Aakash, as his struggles reminded me of my own. I found a part of myself in him. To be honest, I once almost decided to run away from home as it got unbearable for me to listen to the constant nags from my parents, who wanted me to become a doctor. I hate biology, even today.

Riya is the kind of girl who will make life heaven for anyone. She is innocent, understanding, gorgeous, and career-oriented. Having a girl like her can never distract anyone from their career path.

Vani, Mahi, and Ravi complete the perfect gang of a group of solid friends.

I feel for Prithvi. He certainly deserved more than he received. Perhaps, there can be a sequel to the novel where we can see more of Prithvi and Riya.

What I loved most about Till The End Of Time is that the author is true to her emotions. I know it is a fictional story, but in several places, I felt that the story was about the author herself and not Riya. Well, fiction is, anyway, a blend of reality and imagination.

Till The End Of Time keeps you hooked till the end, which is a rare rarity these days. My eyes were moist when the story ended.

If you happen to read this review, Chayashree, then remember one thing: you are a gifted storyteller. You should write more.

Those who have not read Till The End Of Time yet, grab your copy soon and fall in love with romance once again, refreshing your mind and soul.

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