Tinder love stories are for real
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Tinder Love Stories To Prove That Tinder Isn't Just About Sex!

July 23, 2020

When we talk about relationships, the most important thing is that two persons connect emotionally- otherwise, it is more of an agreement between two individuals. A relationship without mutual understanding and emotional bonding will never stand strong!

In India, today everything has a fragrance of the Western touch with “trendsetters” ready to adapt to the challenges in knitting a relationship.

In the beginning, this may be criticised heavily, but as they say- when you find love, you ignore everything around and try your best to make it reach cloud nine. It appears in the various dating apps too.

When we talk about dating apps, the first app that comes to our mind is Tinder- which is more famous among college teens than people with a settled career.

Tinder is an app where one can meet men and women by adding interesting bios and pictures in their profiles and then start by checking the profiles of probable prospects. If someone likes a profile and is interested to meet the person in real, then one just has to simply swipe right on the opposite person's profile and if the profile is uninteresting then simply swipe left.

The first thing that comes to our mind at the very mention of Tinder is that it is a casual dating app where people meet for casual sex and hook-ups. People rarely have anything positive to speak about it.

Even though one can’t straightaway deny the claim, however, Tinder is not just merely a casual dating app and it has a brighter side as well.

The app has changed many lives by helping them to find their perfect match.

In a nutshell, Tinder with all its negative reviews and “impacts” also has successful love stories to share as well.

Amit Das, a Guwahati-based banker, while speaking about his success story said, “Initially, even I thought it was weird to register on Tinder, but one of my friends suggested I should do so.”

“‘You may find interesting people to talk to’, he had said. But then I denied his request,” Das added.

“But one day while I was sitting lazily at home and had nothing special to do to kill my boredom and was scrolling by Facebook, I saw an advertisement of Tinder and then I decided to install the app and check it,” Das further added.

“I uploaded two of my best looking photographs with a caption saying ‘A banker but not a boring one’,” Das continued.

“I still wonder, as to why I wrote such an awful line but few girls found it interesting and this followed by a few matches,” he further said.

“While most of the conversations were ‘fake’ and were completely repulsive, a few conversations were splendid and I am still a friend with one of the matches,” he added.

“Then one day, I swiped right to the profile of a girl named Puja and it turned out to be a match from both sides,” Das continued.

“I dropped a ‘hi’, she replied, and a conversation began between us and something got us connected. She was unlike the girls I had met until then,” he further added.

“After chatting for a few weeks, we decided to meet in person. The moment I met her, I knew she was the one for the rest of my life,” Amit added with a big smile on his face.

“The more we met,  the feeling that she is perfect for me also soared, and one day I proposed her, which she accepted readily,” he added.

“Our families have also accepted this relationship. We planned for a court marriage as well, but the COVID-19 lockdown applied brakes to our plans. We will get legally married as soon as the lockdown ends and the situation normalises,” he further said.

“Tinder has got nothing to do with vulgarity or obscenity. It is all about us, the individuals who use it,” Amit summed up.

Sharing her Tinder experience, another user Ritu said, “I am thankful to Tinder as only for this dating app I met my boyfriend.”

“I have been using Tinder for several years and I mostly received texts from perverts, who only wanted one-night stands. I was frustrated by all these, and one day I decided to delete my account when a text saying ‘Hi, Abhimanyu here’ popped up on the chatbox. Giving some thought for a while, I decided to reply to him. But I was determined to delete the account if he also turned out to be a pervert. We chatted for some time and gradually the chats got intense. He wasn't like the men I have met earlier and without his asking, I gave him my WhatsApp number," she added.

“He stays in Bengaluru, and I am from Guwahati, and our relationship mostly moved forward via phone and texts. We finally met in person after two months when he came to Guwahati for celebrating my birthday. Since then, we have been meeting regularly. Sometimes he visits Guwahati, and sometimes I go to Bengaluru,” Ritu added further.

“Our families know about us. Life is all about experimenting. You never know when it works,” she said before ending the conversation.

Sharing their experience Shashank and Rayeena, who met in Tinder, fell in love and then got hitched last December, said, “We both belong to different communities but it never came between us.”

“We met through Tinder, started dating and took enough time to know each other before getting hitched,” they said.

“It is indeed unbelievable for many that one could ever meet the right person in such platforms. Even though what we heard about Tinder was not encouraging at all, we did not consider it to be the sole truth and decided to experiment with it for ourselves. Using the app the right was is all up to an individual," the duo added.

“We had the best pre-marriage journey- from travelling to start working together. Tinder served as the perfect match-maker. We thank the app," the duo concluded as saying.

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