Self Loving is very important
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A Dance With Self-Loving

July 9, 2023

In the depths of my being, a flame ignites,
A spark of self-love, glowing so bright.
Amidst life's chaos and the world's cruel gaze,
I find solace within, in these self-loving ways.

No longer defined by society's whims,
I embrace my flaws, my quirks, and my sins.
For in self-love's embrace,
I truly find,
The strength to flourish and to truly shine.

I am a garden, blooming from within,
Each petal unique, a story to begin.
I nurture myself with kindness and care,
Watering my soul with love, everywhere.

I cradle my dreams with gentle embrace,
Unfolding my wings, embracing my grace.
No longer seeking validation from afar,
For I am enough, just as I are.

In the mirror's reflection,
I see my worth,
A masterpiece of life, a miracle's birth.
I embrace my scars, each battle I've fought,
For they have shaped me and lessons have taught.

I dance with my shadows, unafraid of the night,
Knowing that darkness can birth inner light.
I honour my boundaries, saying no when I must,
Preserving my essence, in self-love I trust.

I celebrate the essence that makes me whole,
Embracing imperfections, body and soul.
For in self-love's embrace,
I am set free,
To love and accept, the truest form of me.

So, let the world witness this love affair,
As I rise in self-love, beyond compare.
For when I love myself, I radiate grace,
A beacon of self-love, in this sacred space.

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