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Fall Like The Sparrow

July 4, 2023

If I could have fallen like the sparrow
I would have landed freely on your heart.
But who knew, a human's heart is not free
To enter?

Just like to tell a truth
Entering into someone's heart
Needs a cost.
As if it's a show!

People are being called civilised
But without having senses.
And to enjoy this show
You will witness
Playing with varied emotions,
As if they are animals to be tamed,
Trained and mechanised to perform in a certain way.

And why not?
They are bound to perform.
'Cause they are being paid to enter.
The sparrow couldn't find a place to land,
Cause he thought the eagles
To be sparrow from upwards.
With highly philosophical thoughts written on their wings,

These sparrows were seen to be snatching each other's meal
From their pin pointed mouths.
The sparrow therefore decided
Not to join the fly and sit still.
As flying is not about
Winning the race to fly
But about how high and freely you fly?

So the sparrow never made its entry
By landing freely on any human heart,
Instead kept flying anonymously And willingly,
Rejoicing his own speed
And flowing with the fly.

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