Good news for theatre artists
AITC president Ashok Manav (centre) in Guwahati

AITC Moots Life Insurance, Financial Aid For Assam's Theatre Artists

May 14, 2022

President of All India Theatre Council (AITC), Ashok Manav, who arrived in Guwahati on May 13, 2022, indulged in an important discussion with the members of AITC Assam, NEV Events and Entertainment Pvt limited, and Horizon- a social-culture organisation of the state.

The prime focus of the discussion was on finding ways to bring together the theatre artists and activists, both amateur and professional, from across the state together and work for their betterment and security- financial and social.

It was also decided in the meeting that AITC members would gather in Assam in July this year for deliberating on the impending issues related to the theatre artists of the state.

"Life insurances and financial aids from ATC should also be made available to those theatre artists who come from a humble or an economically poor background," Manav said.

Apart from theatre artists from Bokakhat and Assam, those who attended the meeting included the Assam in charge of AITC Anurupa Dekarja, NEV Guwahati Director Newton Hazarika, Horizon director Shilbhadra Laram Dekarja and Horizon executive member Jolly Saikia.

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