Rooftop farming in Jammu & Kashmir

Rooftop Farming Introduced in J&K School

May 5, 2024

To make students understand the importance of organic produce, a school in Jammu & Kashmir's Udhampur has adopted rooftop farming and has integrated it into its curriculum.

The initiative not only aims to make students understand the importance of organic produce, but it also plans to educate students about plant growth.

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The initiative, spearheaded by the school principal in collaboration with the Udhampur Agriculture Department, aims to increase awareness of organic farming and advance agricultural methods.

It may be mentioned here that the rooftop garden will serve as a hands-on learning ground for students, allowing them to witness the growth cycle of various plants, fruits, vegetables, and even ornamental flowers.

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This practical experience will go beyond textbooks, fostering a deeper understanding of agriculture and the delicate balance of ecosystems.

As per reports, this is the first of its kind initiative in Jammu and Kashmir.

There are as many as 253 students who participate daily in the activity. These students are imparted knowledge on how to use agricultural tools, what manure to use, how should plants be cared for etc.

Most importantly, the project emphasises the significance of organic farming.

By growing fruits and vegetables free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, the school intends to instil a sense of awareness among students about healthy eating habits.

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