Amit Shah

Amit Shah: Congress Cannot Solve Any Problem

"Their leader Rahul Gandhi comes as a tourist. They have no vision for development," the home minister claimed

April 5, 2021

Union home minister Amit Shah on April 4 claimed in Barpeta that the BJP-led alliance will form the next government in Assam.

Addressing an election rally in the district on the last day of campaigning for the third and final phase of polls, Shah said the government is committed to make the state flood-free.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already initiated the process," Amit Shah added.

"We are confident that in these two phases alone, BJP has achieved majority to form the next government," reported quoting union home minister Amit Shah.

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"The BJP will win over 200 in West Bengal as well and form the government there," he further claimed while referring to elections held in West Bengal.

He also lashed out at the Congress party and accused it of having no apparent agenda for the state's development, and asserted NDA's "double-engine" government will continue to ensure the state's growth.

"The Congress cannot solve any problem and their leader Rahul Gandhi comes as a tourist to the state," Amit Shah said.

"They have no vision for development," the home minister claimed.

"I had come to you five years ago and urged you to repose faith in the Prime Minister and promised we will end violence and agitations," he further said.

The BJP government in the state and Modiji has ensured this during the last five years and now the state is moving in the path of progress and development," he added.

He also said that it was the BJP and the party's vision that the signing of the historic Bodo Accord was possible, which led to the surrender of over 2000 youths and return to the mainstream.

"Do you want a government that spreads violence or a double-engine government that spreads development", he rhetorically asked.

The home minister also accused the Congress of giving a "freehand" to poachers in Kaziranga National Park.

"If their government had continued, rhinoceros would have become a thing of the past in Assam," Shah said.

"It is the BJP government under Sarbananda Sonowal that has ensured that poachers have been thrown and the animal saved from extinction," he added.

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