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Axone: A Delicacy On The Celluloid Served With Love

June 13, 2020

Axone is primarily about the existing prejudices that people from Northeast faces in any big Indian city.

The film by Nicholas Kharkongor tells the story about a group of friends trying to cook akhuni (axone) pork as a wedding present for a friend.

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Using this purely as a metaphor, Kharkongor intelligently churns out a tale where he challenges and questions several prejudices that citizens across the country have against each other.

If people from New Delhi are prejudiced against the people from the Northeast, so are we regarding the people from Delhi.

Racial slur or prejudice is two-way traffic and it is difficult to tell as to whose traffic is heavier and whose lighter.

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There is chaos, there is confusion and then there is also heartbreak in Axone and everything is well blended and artistically packaged and served.

The film has been shot on actual locations of Delhi, showcasing a different side of the city altogether.

The cramped by-lanes, narrow alleys and localities bustling with people, cars, and bikes- it is part of the city that only those who have lived there could easily relate to.

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Axone is like that cup of tea which we remember for a long time and which can have both good and bad memories attached to it.

Axone tells its tale with utmost ease and in no point it gets preachy.

Axone narrates a tale and shows us both sides of the coin.

There are good people and there are bad people and then there is a society and a world we build around these sets of people.

We don't know somethings about them and they also don't know somethings about us and the aim should be able to tell each other's such unknown stories.

The aim, however, is neither to get judgemental nor to become aggressive against each other.

On the surface, we all look different, but from the inside, we are similar, if not same and Axone reflects this sincerely.

The movie is also quite appealing visually and the use traditional music from northeast adds an extra zing to it.

Do watch this visual delicacy currently streaming on Netflix.

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